The spell of Dream Catcher

Beautiful dreams are worth remembering but night mares do not…

Everyone is crazy to have their own dream catcher, a new trendsetter. This was become more popular after the Korean novella “The Heirs”, starring Lee Min Ho and Park Min Shi. Lee Min Ho, played as Ryan A rich boy who gave Park Min Shi played as Julia in the story.

After its undisputed feedback to the viewers, in just a blink of an eye, dream catcher became the most popular necklace nationwide. Looks like a spider web but has a feather which spider web does not have. This is what Kpop and Koreans brought to Filipinos. Every 5 of 10 people have this. The spell of this dream catcher hypnotise most of us, without knowing the real purpose of having it. What we care about is be in with the latest fashion accessory.

Dream catcher is use to have a beautiful dreams. Those like spider webs are the catcher of you bad dreams in a magical way maybe. It’s a form of artwork. To buy all the materials used in making a dream catcher, interested artistic person do not have to think it’s expensive. Ti is quite cheap in price and in quality but it’s cool and a real fashion trend. Good thing! Summer is getting near, perfect for outings and swimming. For you to look fresh, dream catcher will really put you to your best summer outfit. Perfect for sleeveless, dress, t-shirts and so many.  Money saver for sure.  Instead  of  spending money to buy beautiful and expensive accessories, you rather used your money for a more elegant summer outing. Having a dream catcher is not looking cheap,  you will look like a real fashion artist. Pay less, look gorgeous. This is what the dream catcher is. Not just for making dreams in fantasy but when you woke up, dress on and walk along the way wearing it, people will all look at you. Wondering what was that for. They will not cast its spell. Without any words, eyes are on you. They are being catch.

For vendors selling dream catchers, it had a magic. It is very attractive to their costumer. Instant money, every day sold out just like block buster movie tickets. But there is a spell dream catcher cannot grant, to make your nightly dreams come true. We all live in a world of reality. In Psychology, person who used dream catcher have their dreams in life that sometimes ruined by an accident or a situation. Other are scared every night so they buy dream catcher to sleep well.  Others do believe in fantasy.

At the end of the Korean novella “The Heirs”, Lee min ho and Park min Shi did not have a happy ending but because of the dream catcher, there is no pain or heartbroken. The dream catcher let Ryan dream the happy ending. No one can really resist the spell of the dream catcher. This fashion trend really caught every body’s attention. Once you wear it, you’re inviting fans and beautiful dreams. You are the master of the spell and people will fall under your power. Not just the ordinary people are with the dream catcher, but also actors and actresses. Well that is the charm of Lee Min Ho who first made it famous.

Dream catcher is not just for the neck, you can also place in your windows to trap espirits that going to interrupt your silence.

People who woremodern-dreamcatcher1 this said that it is really effective in making dreams beautiful. According to them, when they started wearing the dream catcher all their bad dreams stop. Also, this necklace is not just a protection for night mares, it is also a trend for couples. They used to buy a pair of it, sign that together they will dream happiness. From the different cities of the philippines, dream catcher became the hottest souvenir item. A Korean inspired necklace but Filipino made at heart.

Dream catcher is a real trend setter, many used it has hash tags. People love this and do not know how to escape from its spell. A fashion accessory, caught every one’s dreams to reality. A cheap one but have  millions of followers and likes.